Where I've Been

You have reached a place to believe in impossible things and reach to infinity and beyond.

My goal-setting has always been the same: get super jazzed for “something special” to work towards, make a stellar plan to put things into motion, stick with the aforementioned plan for a good 3 days, make excuses, fall off the wagon, eat lots of cheese, buy a new planner, and begin again at the next start of a new week/month/year. 

Powered by an excess of coffee and La Croix, a daily chocolate habit, two rambunctious dogs, a stack of personal development books, an unwaveringly supportive family, and a love of all things Disney, I invite you to follow along in my journey to go from couch to completing
the Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge along with whatever other adventures present themselves on my blister, self-doubt, and sore-muscle filled journey. 

But life is about so much more than fitness goals, and fitness goals are about so much more than physical strength.
Don't turn away from this page if you hate running, health food, and keeping track of how much water you're drinking. (Spoiler alert: So do I.) 
Alongside my daily endurance training, I will be pushing myself to try new experiences, be present, and become a part of the community around me.

Life is not all about crossing the finish line, but the experiences we have along the way. 

Life is not about waiting to begin our lives until the day we've accomplished all of the things we want to accomplish. It's not about only living for the weekend or vacation or special occasions or when everything else is done. It's not about only rewarding ourselves when we've conquered everything on our calendar. 
Life is about experiencing all that we can experience.
Life is about celebrating every little thing while we are on the way to accomplishing our biggest dreams.
Life is about doing all of the things we've always said we wanted to do.
Life is about LIVING it instead of just Pinteresting it.
Life is about actually getting out there and living the brighter and bolder life you've been watching other people live on their Instagram accounts. 
Life is about what you can achieve when you stop talking and begin doing.
Life is about venturing outside of your comfort zone and realizing how rewarding it can be. 
Life is about discovering who you are and fearlessly being that person. 

I will be sharing the good, the bad, the ugly, and the vulnerable when it comes to sweat and self care, wanderlust and wandering willpower, courage and compassion, miscarriage and Miss to Mrs, and anything that lies between.